The air campaign over Afghanistan is entering it's fourth week. We've targeted just about every worthwhile target there is. We've taken out airports, SAM sites, troop fortifications, tank columns, and aircraft. Still, the Taliban remain defiant. Worse yet, we have yet to locate bin Laden. The problem, folks, is that the war we're fighting is not conventional - the terrain in Afghanistan prevents that. U.S. forces are carrying out carefully planned covert operations within the country, and are doing their best to root out bin Laden among the numerous cave systems in the mountains. At the same time, we're also trying to soften up Taliban positions along the front lines with a relentless bombing campaign in order for the Northern Alliance to move on Kabul. Once we accomplish this objective, we will witness first-hand the destruction of the Taliban's infrastructure. After that, we can then carry out our search-and-destroy missions within the country, cleaning up the various terrorist cells that work with the al Qaeda organization. In the mean time, we need to make sure that our intelligence is credible and act as quickly as possible on it. By doing so, we can stage multiple offensives against Taliban forces.
Greetings.. This is the first transmission - many more will follow. So don't worry, folks. Check back frequently for updates and such. I'll be writing some interesting commentary here shortly on the recent events that have taken place with the campaign in Afghanistan.